I am a Mutant Glaive who Controls Beasts who was Born Lucky.
Might 31 (Edge: 5)
Speed 24 (Edge: 2)
Intellect 14 (Edge: 3)
Effort: 6
Dive Suit: 3 points of armor
breather for 10 hours

Trained in Balancing
Trained in Persuasion
Trained in Climbing
Trained in Jumping
Trained in Perception
Trained in Swimming

*Mastery in Armor: No penalties for heavy armor
*Practiced With All Weapons: You can use any weapon. Enabler.
*Specialized in Heavy Bladed attacks: 6
*Specialized in Light/Med Ranged: +6
*No Need For Weapons: When you make an unarmed attack (such as a punch or kick), it counts as a heavy weapon. Enabler. (6 points of damage. 7 if Charter applies.)
*Slash (1 Might Point): This is a powerful melee swipe. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point. Action.
*Chop (2 Might Points) A heavy, powerful slice with a bladed weapon, probably overhand. You must grip your weapon with two hands to chop. When making this attack, you take a –1 penalty to the attack roll, and you inflict 3 additional points of damage. Action.
*Lunge (2 Might Points): This move requires you to extend yourself for a powerful stab or smash. The awkward lunge increases the difficulty of the attack roll by one step. If your attack is successful, it inflicts 4 additional points of damage. Action.
*Capable Warrior: Your attacks deal 1 additional point of damage. Enabler.
1 bonus to damage when he feels as though his combat is working toward upholding the charter.
*Weapon and Body: After making a weapon attack, you follow up with a punch or kick as an additional attack, all as part of the same action in one round. The two attacks can be directed at different foes. Make a separate attack roll for each attack. You remain limited by the amount of Effort you can apply on one action. Anything that modifies your attack or damage applies to both attacks, unless it is tied specifically to your weapon. Action.
*Bears up to 4 cyphers.
*On action can activate tattoo sensors which work long range, regardless of line of sight:
-Temperature (including degrees of heat, the location of heat sources, and so on)
-Electrical energy (active devices, power conduits and so on)
conduits, and so on)
-Bioelectric fields (life forms)
-Transdimensional energy (including creatures and portals)
-Radio waves (transmissions, transmitters)T
-Active nano esoteries (including other sorts of nanotechnology usees)

Controls Beasts
*Soothe the Savage (2 Intellect Points): You calm a nonhuman beast within 30 feet (9 m). You must speak to it (although it doesn’t need to understand your words), and it must see you. It remains calm for one minute or for as long as you focus all your attention on it. The GM has final say over what counts as a nonhuman beast, but unless some kind of deception is at work, you should know whether you can affect a creature before you attempt to use this ability on it. Aliens, extradimensional entities, very intelligent creatures, and automatons never count. Action.
*Improved Beast Companion and Mount: Mataeus can move and you can attack on your turn, or he can attack foes when you do. Perception at level 6, so +18, w/ 4 points of damage per attack.
*Communication (2 Intellect Points):
You can convey a basic concept to a creature that normally can’t speak or understand speech. The creature can also give you a very basic answer to a simple question. Action.
*Beast Eyes (3 Intellect Points):
You can sense through Mateus’ senses if it is within 1 mile (1.6 km) of you. This effect lasts up to ten minutes. Action to establish.
*Beast Call (5 Intellect Points):
You summon a single level 4 beast to help you temporarily. These creatures do your bidding for as long as you focus your attention, but you must use your action each turn to direct them. Creatures are native to the area and arrive under their own power, so if you’re in an unreachable place, this ability won’t work. Action.
*Control the Savage (6 Intellect Points) You can control a calm nonhuman beast within 30 feet (9 m). You control it for as long as you focus all your attention on it, using your turn each round. Aliens, extradimensional entities, very intelligent creatures, and automatons never count. Action.

*Sickly: The difficulty of all Might defense tasks is increased by one step. (Lets RP this as more of a focus on offensive fighting.)

*Strengthened bones: You gain +5 to your Might Pool.
*Improved musculature: You gain +5 to your Might Pool.
*Improved nervous system: You gain +5 to your Speed Pool.
*Suggestive voice: Your voice is perfectly modulated and an asset in all interaction tasks.
*Poison immunity: You are immune to all poisons.
*Useless limb: Your left leg is becoming unusable.

*Flaming greataxe of the Xi-Drake
6 points of damage. 7 when Slash is used. 7 when Charter justifies. 8 when both apply. 9 when Chop is used, 11 when you add Charter.
When the axe is flaming it does an extra +2 damage and and has a 50% chance to set organic targets on fire for an extra 2 damage per round as long as 3 or 4 comes up on a roll of a d4.

*Sonar Stream
4 points of Intellect damage. Must be able to target. Long range, underwater only.

4 points of damage. 5 when Charter justifies. Long range (100 feet)
3 points of Armor
*An explorer’s pack: Contains 50 feet (15 m) of rope, rations for three days, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, two torches, and two minor glowglobes, 5 specimen jars.
*Level 2 Visage Changer: Tube of smearable paste, which, when applied to the face changes the appearance of one human-sized creature. The change takes ten minutes to apply and lasts for 28 hours.
*3 days of rations for Mateus
*Animal harness/saddle
*70 shins
*Rations for 2 days

A cypher, terrorizer. It emits a long-range ray that inflicts 4 points of damage. However, it also wracks living targets with incredible pain. Those struck by the ray must make a Might defense roll or lose their next turn, consumed in pain. A terrorizer has a depletion of 1 in 1d10.
Cypher: Gravity Nullifier, for one hour, the user can float into the air, moving vertically (but not horizontally without some other action, such as pushing along the ceiling) up to a short distance per round. The user must weigh less than 300 pounds.
Pair of tiny metal rods that, when brought within 1 inch (2.5 cm) of each other,
vibrate exactly fifteen minutes before the sun rises on any given day.

Oddity: Cylinder that clears the air of smoke, foul smells and the like in an enclosed room in one minute’s time
Countermeasures: Two rounds after being activated, the device creates an invisible field that fills an area within short range and lasts for one minute. The field scrambles the electronic processes, scrambling most technological devices and making them inoperable. Intelligent devices cannot take actions during this time. The effect lasts as long as they remain in the field.
Defoliant: One chlorophyl-based plant of a level lower than 6 is instantly killed.
Invisible Armor Nodule: For the next 28 hours, the armor the cypher is attached to is invisible, making the wearer appear to be unarmored.
Living Armor Skin
Level: 7
Form: When not affixed to a creature, this looks like a film of skin
Effect: When worn over normal skin, this organic material adheres and conforms to the creature’s body shape. The wearer is trained in Might defense tasks to resist poison and disease. Further, she has +2 to Armor with no hindrances. However, she cannot wear armor over the living sheath because it’s too bulky.
Depletion: 1 in 1d100 (checked each day while the sheath is worn)

Chiron disturbs controlled animals, increasing the difficulty one step if he’s within 20 feet.

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Numenera Rulebook pg. 26, Players Guide pg. 16
Controls Beasts
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XP: 3
Black hair
Blue eyes

Three things to defend/vitally important:
-Advancement of humanity

Three things he loathes:
-Animal abuse or neglect or needless suffering

One secret/flaw:
-is a mutant

One quirk:
-hates bugs

One deeply personal goal:
-To see the Knights understand that mutants are not the enemy

One trinket:
-A game board piece from a game his grandfather taught him when he was a child

Reason to be on the Wandering Walk:
Knights wander, dispensing justice and obliterating all that threatens the advancement of humanity.

Xudablu was born and raised in a small village in Ghan. When he was in his early teens he was spending time in the forest when his village was attacked and massacred by an abnormally large band of murden. The first he knew of the situation was as he followed an approaching group of Knights to the site.

They fought the murden, slaying many and chasing the rest off before checking for survivors. There was only him. They offered to take him to Ledon when they had slain the rest of the murden horde and he took one small item from the burnt wreckage of his hometown and went with them to see justice done.

He spent a few years in an orphanage in Ledon, then, when he was old enough, he joined the Knights. He firmly believes in justice though he does feel that the Knights have some things mixed up. He is now a Knight, commissioned to uphold the Charter on his travels, dispensing justice and obliterating all that threatens the advancement of humanity.


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