Chiron is a Mystic Nano who Bears a Halo of Fire and embraces Forbidden Knowledge
Might 23/23 (Edge: 0)
Speed 11/11 (Edge: 1)
Intellect 38/38 (Edge: 6)
Effort: 6
XP: 2

4 Armor: +2 Living Skin Suit, +1 Helmet, +1 Ward Esotery

Nanite Tattoo: You can mentally pick up on things out of line of sight, but within 100 feet or so— temperature, bioelectrics,power, transdynamics, radio and nanites
*On action can activate tattoo sensors which work long range, regardless of line of sight:
-Temperature (including degrees of heat, the location of heat sources, and so on)
-Electrical energy (active devices, power conduits and so on)
conduits, and so on)
-Bioelectric fields (life forms)
-Transdimensional energy (including creatures and portals)
-Radio waves (transmissions, transmitters)T
-Active nano esoteries (including other sorts of nanotechnology uses)


  • Specialized in identifying or understanding numenera
  • Trained in investigation
  • Trained in Slight of Hand
  • Trained in Light Armor


  • Practiced With Light Weapons
  • Fire Esoteries
  • Bears up to 5 cyphers.
  • Sense “magic”: You can sense whether the numenera is active in situations where its presence is not obvious. You must study an object or location closely for a minute to get a feel for whether the touch of the ancients is at work.
  • Hedge Magic (1 Intellect Point): You can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, and so on. You can’t use hedge magic to harm another creature or object. Action. Has an firey effect and appearance.
  • Onslaught (1 Intellect Point): You attack a foe using energies that assail either his physical form or his mind. In either case, you must be able to see your target. If the attack is physical, you throw a short-range blast of fire that inflicts 5 points of damage. If the attack is mental, you focus your mental energy to blast the thought processes of another creature within short range. This mindslice inflicts 2 points of Intellect damage (and thus ignores Armor). Some creatures without minds (such as automatons) might be immune to mindslice. Action.
  • Ward: You have a shield of energy around you at all times
    that helps deflect attacks. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler.
  • Stasis (3 Intellect points): You surround a foe of your
    size or smaller with scintillating energy, keeping it from
    moving or acting for one minute, as if frozen solid. You
    must be able to see the target, and it must be within
    short range. While in stasis, the target is impervious to
    harm, cannot be moved, and is immune to all effects.
  • Energy Protection (3+ Intellect points): Choose a discrete
    type of energy that you have experience with (such as
    heat, sonic, electricity, and so on). You gain +10 to Armor
    against damage from that type of energy for ten minutes.
    Alternatively, you gain +1 to Armor against damage from
    that energy for 28 hours. You must be familiar with the
    type of energy; for example, if you have no experience
    with a certain kind of extradimensional energy, you can’t
    protect against it. Instead of applying Effort to decrease
    the difficulty of this esotery, you can apply Effort to
    protect more targets, with each level of Effort affecting
    up to two additional targets. You must touch additional
    targets to protect them. Action to initiate.
  • Hover (2 Intellect points): You float slowly into the air.
    As your action, you can concentrate to remain motionless
    in the air, or float up to a short distance, but no more;
    otherwise, you drift with the wind or with any momentum
    you have gained. This effect lasts for up to ten minutes.
    Action to initiate.
  • Regeneration (6 Intellect points): You restore points to a
    target’s Might or Speed Pool in one of two ways: either
    the chosen Pool regains up to 6 points, or it is restored
    to a total value of 12. You make this decision when you
    initiate this esotery. Points are regenerated at a rate of 1
    point each round. You must maintain contact with the
    target the whole time. In no case can this raise a Pool
    higher than its maximum. Action.
  • Invisibility (4 Intellect points): You become invisible for ten
    minutes. While invisible, you are specialized in stealth and
    Speed defense tasks. This effect ends if you do something
    to reveal your presence or position—attacking, performing
    an esotery, using an ability, moving a large object, and so
    on. If this occurs, you can regain the remaining invisibility
    effect by taking an action to focus on hiding your position.
    Action to initiate or reinitiate.
  • Teleportation (6+ intellect points):
    You instantaneously transmit
    yourself to any location that you have seen
    or been to, no matter the distance, as long as it is on
    Earth (or whatever world you’re currently on). Instead of
    applying Effort to decrease the difficulty, you can apply
    Effort to bring other people with you, with each level of
    Effort affecting up to three additional targets. You must
    touch any additional targets. Action.
  • Reshape (5 Intellect points): You reshape matter within
    short range in an area no larger than a 5-foot (.5 m)
    cube. If you spend only one action on this esotery, the
    changes you make are crude at best. If you spend at least
    ten minutes and succeed at an appropriate crafting task
    (with a difficulty at least one step higher than normal,
    due to the circumstances), you can make complex
    changes to the material. You can’t change the nature of
    the material, only its shape. Thus, you can make a hole
    in a wall or floor, or you can seal one up. You can fashion
    a rudimentary sword from a large piece of iron. You
    can break or repair a chain. With multiple uses of this
    esotery, you could bring about large changes, making a
    bridge, a wall, or a similar structure. Action.
  • Absorb Energy (7 Intellect points): You touch an object
    and absorb its energy. If you touch a cypher, you render
    it useless. If you touch an artifact, roll on the artifact’s
    depletion. If you touch another kind of powered machine
    or device, the GM determines whether its power is fully
    drained. In any case, you absorb energy from the object
    touched and regain 1d10 Intellect points. If this would
    give you more Intellect than your Pool’s maximum, the
    extra points are lost, and you must make a Might defense
    roll. The difficulty of the roll is equal to the number of
    points over your maximum you absorbed. If you fail the
    roll, you take 5 points of damage and are unable to act
    for one round. You can use this esotery as a defense
    action when you’re the target of an incoming esotery.
    Doing so cancels the incoming esotery, and you absorb
    the energy as if it were a device. Action.
  • Move Mountains (9 Intellect points): You exert a
    tremendous amount of physical force within 250 feet
    (76 m) of you. You can push up to 10 tons (9.1 t) of
    material up to 50 feet (15 m). This force can collapse
    buildings, redirect small rivers, or perform other
    dramatic effects. Action.


  • Shroud of Flame (1 Intellect point).
    At your command, your entire body becomes shrouded in
    flames that last up to ten minutes. The fire doesn’t burn you,
    but it automatically inflicts 2 points of damage to anyone
    who tries to touch you or strike you with a melee attack.
    Flames from another source can still hurt you. While the
    shroud is active, you gain +2 points of Armor that protect
    only against damage from fire from another source. Enabler.
  • Hurl Flame (2 Intellect points). While your Shroud
    of Flame is active, you can reach into your halo and hurl a
    handful of fire at a target. This is a ranged attack with short
    range that deals 4 points of fire damage. Action.
    Fiery Power. When you use the Onslaught force blast
    esotery or the Flash esotery, increase the damage by 1
    point. If you don’t have either of those abilities, this ability
    has no effect. Fiery Power does not affect damage from the
    Onslaught mindslice. Enabler.
  • Fiery Hand of Doom (3 Intellect points). While your
    Shroud of Flame is active, you can reach into your halo and
    produce a hand made of animate flame that is twice the size
    of a human’s hand. The hand acts as you direct, floating in the
    air. Directing the hand is an action. Without a command, the
    hand does nothing. It can move a long distance in a round,
    but it never moves farther away from you than long range. The
    hand can grab, move, and carry things, but anything it touches
    takes 1 point of damage per round from the heat. The hand
    can also attack. It’s a level 3 creature and deals 1 extra point of
    damage from fire when it attacks. Once created, the hand lasts
    for ten minutes. Action to create; action to direct.
  • Flameblade (4 Intellect points). When you wish it,
    you extend your halo of fire to cover a weapon you wield
    in flame for one hour. The flame ends if you stop holding
    or carrying the weapon. While the flame lasts, the weapon
    inflicts 2 additional points of damage. Enabler.
  • Fire Tendrils (5 Intellect points). When you wish it,
    your halo sprouts three tendrils of flame that last for up
    to ten minutes. As an action, you can use the tendrils to
    attack, making a separate attack roll for each. Each tendril
    inflicts 4 points of damage. Otherwise, the attacks function
    as standard attacks. If you don’t use the tendrils to attack,
    they remain but do nothing. Enabler.
Fire Servant (6 Intellect points). You reach into your

halo and produce an automaton of fire that is your general
shape and size. It acts as you direct each round. Directing
the servant is an action, and you can command it only when
you are within long range of it. Without a command, the
servant continues to follow your previous command. You can
also give it a simple programmed action, such as “Wait here,
and attack anyone who comes within short range until they’re
dead.” The servant lasts for ten minutes, is a level 5 creature,
and deals 1 extra point of damage from fire when it attacks.
Action to create; action to direct.



  • Sword medium weapon, points of damage but Disruption Blade, every other round attack During that round, if it scores a hit, it inflicts an additional 10 points of damage.
    Depletion: 1 in 1d6
  • Buzzer: This handheld weapon fires thumbnail-sized bladed disks up to short range (50 feet). It holds five disks in a magazine and requires an action to reload. It can be used as a rapid-fire weapon. Comes with a 5 disk magazine.
    2 points of damage
    reduces the difficulty of the attack roll by one step
  • Terrorizers (2) – It emits a long-range ray that inflicts 4 points of damage. However, it also wracks living targets with incredible pain. Those struck by the ray must make a Might defense roll or lose their next turn, consumed in pain. A terrorizer has a depletion of 1 in 1d10.
  • Mephitic Staff, Level 6
    A short metal-and-glass tube fitted onto a well-made wooden quarterstaffWhen activated (which is not an action), the tip of the staff releases a concentrated, immediate-range
    blast of noxious fumes when it is struck against a solid creature or object. An affected creature loses its next turn to coughing and choking.
    Depletion: 1 in 1d20 only on successful attack
  • Artifact: Level 6 Beam Lance
    Fires a concentrated green light up to 200 feet for 6 damage; can be shortened to use as a melee weapon.
  • Artifact: Synth staff, 5’ long, that ends in a foot-long metal bar that gives an electrical shock. It inflicts 3 points of Speed damage and stuns the victim, causing him to lose his next turn. Depletion 1 in 1d10.



*Level 5 Living Solvent
Eats through 1 cubic foot (.03 cubic m) of material each round for five rounds.
*Level 5 Injector
Restores 5 points to the user’s Speed Pool.
*2 Level 8 Dessicating Detonations
These ceramic spheres explode in an immediate radius, draining moisture from everything within it. Living creatures take 8 points of damage. Water in the area is vaporized. Underwater, this creates a small implosion as water rushes in to fill the void, inflicting another 3 points of damage to anyone in the area.

  • Level 4 Spatial Warp
    When affixed to another numenera device that affects a single target at range, that range is increased to 1 mile (1.6 km) with no penalties. Space is temporarily warped in terms of seeing and reaching the target. If direct line of sight is important to the device’s effect, it remains important. Creating the spatial warp functions as one use of the device.
  • Monoblade: Produces a 6-inch blade that’s the same level as the cypher. The blade cuts through any material of a level lower than 6. If used as a weapon, it is a light weapon that ignores Armor of a level lower than 6. The blade lasts for 10 minutes.


  • Device that emits a projection of a human face that changes expression depending on the direction in which it’s looking
  • Blob of clay that takes on various mysterious shapes when left alone
  • Small square cage that puts whatever single creature is inside it into stasis
  • Series of thin cards that show all kinds of unknown creatures
  • A gyroscopic toy that spins indefinitely if undisturbed.
  • A pair of slightly human-appearing eyes made of bronze, which occasionally blink
  • Cloth mask that makes each breath taste like mint
  • An invisible, empty, hollow cylinder, 9 inches (23 cm) long
  • A plain silvery cup that instantly boils any liquid poured into it.



  • Artifcat: Attractor, Level: 8
    Wearable: Glove of synth
    Usable: Small handheld device
    Effect: One unanchored item your size or smaller within long range is drawn immediately to the device. This takes one round. The item has no momentum when it arrives.
  • Artifact: Chiurgeon Sphere, Level: 12
    Form: Small, spherical automaton about 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter
    Effect: This device comes with a small module that can be worn on a belt. Floating along, the automaton attempts to follow within immediate range of the module (though it can be directed to remain where it is). It moves a short distance each round. The sphere can come to the module from a range of up to 10 miles (16 km) away. If the module is worn by an organic creature and that creature takes damage, the automaton moves to repair the damage with cellular regenerating tools that restore 1d6 – 2 points per round (meaning
    that if a 1 or 2 is rolled, no damage is repaired that round). This requires no action on the part of the creature being healed. Each day, the automaton can attempt to render aid a number of times equal to its level (12). The artifact must be newly activated each day.
    Depletion: 1 in 1d20
  • Artifact: Headband of Truth
    A level five artifact that can be a affixed to a user’s forehead (perhaps worn with a headband). It allows the wearer to sense whether someone speaking to him is lying. The speaker must be within immediate range and must be speaking in a language that the wearer understands. Depletion: 1 in 1d6.
  • Artifact: Level 10 Copier
    An artifact that can copy and recreate another artifact up to level 10 precisely.
    Depletion: 1 in 1d100
  • An artifact that sprays inanimate objects to make them fire-resistant.

Brain Bud
Level: 6
An organic pod, almost like a small, hemispherical bit of fruit. Once grafted to the back of the neck of a host, near the brain, it takes on the appearance of the host’s flesh) and injects complex chemicals that greatly improve brain activity. This grants the host a +5 bonus to maximum Intellect Pool.

  • Artifact: Living Armor Skin
    Level: 7
    Form: When not affixed to a creature, this looks like a film of skin
    Effect: When worn over normal skin, this organic material adheres and conforms to the creature’s body shape. The wearer is trained in Might defense tasks to resist poison and disease. Further, she has +2 to Armor with no hindrances. However, she cannot wear armor over the living sheath because it’s too bulky.
    Depletion: 1 in 1d100 (checked each day while the sheath is worn)

Copied Artifacts and other items
Artifact: Beam Lance
Artifact: Terrorizer
Artifact: Brain Bud (x2)
Cypher: Some for device that prevents telepathic communication


  • A book about the Numenera
  • Clothing
  • 170 shins
  • Symbol of the Aeon Priest— not worn
  • Bedroll
  • Backpack
  • Waterskin
  • Rations for 2 days
  • 4 specimen jar filled with Cylion Basin samples
  • Basic science kit
  • Convergence Medallion
  • Robes
  • 3 Feral Serum
  • Crowbar
  • Breastplate armor
  • Helmet armor
  • +3 Intellect Restorer, 2
  • Pill, creates a force-field that grants +4 armor for 10 minutes
  • Grey crystal that causes one target to go limbless for one hour, before the limbs regenerate
  • Bubble Wrap: Offers buoyancy and pressure control, as well as heat and cold protection for five hours. Does not provide armor but can be worn over light armor.
  • Fish eyes: A pair of anti-fog, pressure-sensitive goggles to enhance underwater vision (turns darkness conditions into dim light) and protect eyes.
  • Narbos: Light weapon, bottle of liquid metal that you put on your nails. The material hardens into pointed claws that inflict two points of slashing damage (or 3 points if you use both hands). One bottle is enough to paint twelve nails, which stays on until clipped or broken off.
  • Waterbag: Fits over an explorer’s pack and makes it waterproof, as well as slightly more hydrodynamic.
  • Spraybreather: This tiny canister sprays an opaque gelatin that forms around your head and creates a permeable oxygen barrier, filtering breathable air from the water. Doesn’t work above water. Lasts for 28 hours.
  • Webbing: A small bottle of material sprayed between your fingers to create webbing. Lasts for one hour and doubles your swim speed.


* You have a manner or an aura that others find a bit unnerving. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, or deception is increased by one step. When working as a Priest with those that respect or fear the Order of Truth, this inability is nullified.

Lumi Torm cannot be harmed by Chiron’s fiery esoteries
Has worked with Cela Jin since he was a child— a grandfatherly and high-ranking Aeon Preist to whom his parent’s sold their finds and still maintains that friendship. There are a few others in the Order who also remember Chiron fondly and would go out of their way to help him.
He has spent much of his life in the Beyond.
He is an Aeon Priest with all the respect it commands, when he chooses to reveal himself as such. In lieu of taking a new skill, an Aeon Priest can choose one esotery that a first-tier nano can use.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure:
Looking to find out why the light swarms are missing.

Numenera Rulebook pg. 49, Players Guide pg. 36
Numenera Rulebook pg. 32, Players Guide pg. 21
Bears a Halo of Fire
Numenera Rulebook pg. 52, Players Guide pg. 38


Tier 6

Chiron, currently aged fifty-four years, is of average height and build, though slightly weaker than some. His eyes are mostly filled with white, his small pupils dark and always quickly moving. He wears a hooded cloak on his back, which he has sprayed with the special foam that came out of the artifact he found long ago, to make it fireproof. His boots are high and black, sprayed with the same artifact.

Chiron’s parents were scavengers, always moving where the profits could be found. As such, he spent much of his childhood playing in ruins eons old, exploring the wrecks of ancient structures and tinkering with mechanical devices he knew naught about.

Because of this background, Chiron decided to devote his life to the study of the Numenera, and learning their mysteries. When he was 31, something unexpected happened to him. While working to discover what a cypher was designed to do, the man accidentally activated a latent artifact near him, which shot a brilliant beam of light into his body; not on, but rather in. When he awoke from the darkness that subsequently surrounded him, he found that he felt different, but could not figure out what had changed.

Being the curious mind that he was, he started tinkering with the artifact, but to no avail. Finally, getting angry with his unsuccessful efforts to reproduce the results, he gave a shout and, somehow, threw a blast of fiery energy at the artifact, blowing it to bits. He had been granted usage of the technological magic that saturated his entire world.

After experimenting with his new-found connection to the Numenera, this only added to Chiron’s desire to learn and acquire more cyphers and artifacts. He learned to control certain aspects of the nanotech which surrounded him, and mastered the ‘creation’ of fire from nothing, often choosing to shroud himself in a cloak of fire to scare away those trying to infringe on his studies or works. He would often spend months at a time in the wilds in an ancient ruin, and over the years lost contact with his family. The only relic he keeps of his time spent with his parents is a small locket with a picture of the three of them inside.

Three items of value:
His artifact that makes inanimate objects inflammable, due to it being the first artifact he found how to utilize correctly after his transformation.
His book on the Numenera, as it contains what he holds dear: Knowledge on Numenera.
Knowledge of Numenera themselves— anything containing that knowledge, such as a library, or a person who holds great knowledge of the artifacts and numeneras like Chiron does.

Three things of loathing:
Those who attempt to steal his findings of Numenera and/or continually disrupt his studies.
Those who seek to destroy Numenera and/or ancient relics and structures from ages past.
Those who oppose his vision of bringing the Ninth World back to its former glory.

One secret or flaw:
Chiron secretly wishes to become so well versed in the Numenera, that he is able to understand it completely and teach others in the usage of the artifacts so that the Ninth World can return to the glory of ages past.

One quirk:
Doesn’t like to spend his shins when he doesn’t absolutely need to; a tightwad.

One trinket of purely personal value:
A holoimager with a single picture: one of his family

One deeply personal goal:
Wishes to become the most masterful user of the Numenera, able to understand them all perfectly so that he can finally bring about the change needed to turn the Ninth World into the paradise that he knows it can be one day.

Chiron began his travel on the wandering walk due to his need to move on to new locations for finding Numenera; once on the walk, he realized that there was a mystery as to why there are no lights on the path. He is experimenting to try and find out why this is.


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