Chronicles of Ascension

Yeah yeah, I'm not dead.

Sorry about going awol the past couple of days, You probably thought something horrible happened to me… but you know I’ve never been good at checking in!

My current situation…. well, it’s a very long story, but at the moment… I’m helping a village fight off some pallone invasion. Their situation…. It’s not quite like ours was, and I really want to keep it that way. I’m not alone either. Some of the group I was Walking with is with me. Together we fought off a wave of the creatures. No casualties…. I’m honestly not sure I could’ve handled any….

But you should’ve seen the fight! One glaive threw a pallone corpses like a disk, and sliced through another one of the creatures! It was very impressive. My forearm blade also netted me a few kills. Considering how simple it is, it’s extremely effective weapon.

These people, their chief. He’s difficult. He won’t take my advice on moving the village to another spot. Whenever I suggest it, he changes the subject. He seems to think that there is something to the west that is causing these attacks, and having some odd effect on his granddaughter (again, long story) …. Like I said earlier…. these people are so close to going through what we went through… I’ve got to help them. I don’t think the old man will evac his people, so I’m going to hunt down whatever is causing these attacks and end it. I know it’s sidetracking me from my hunt…. but I think it’s worth it. Besides, I’m sure you’ve got more solid leads than I did anyway, right? I talked with one of the other Glaives who’s accompanying me. I think I can count on him to help me, and I’m pretty sure he can get the nano to tag along too. Drake…. I talked to him during the feast the village had after the fight, but I just don’t think he’ll be willing to leave his current agenda to help with this…. but I’ll worry about that in the morning.

I’ll check in more regularly so you know I’m not dead or anything like that.

- Abel



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