Murdens are abhumans. They walk upright but would never be mistaken for humans. Backs hunched dramatically forward, skin covered in shiny black down, huge black eyes perched above a sharp, dirty yellow beak— these things seem almost like enormous ravens with spindly arms rather than wings. Tattered leather cloaks cover their backs, and many carry a leather bag or wear one on a strap to hold the various objects they have collected.

Murdens don’t speak. They communicate with one another telepathically. However, their telepathy annoys other intelligent creatures. The presence of a living murden fills the minds of nearby creatures with a sort of mental static. Add this irritation to their paranoid mindset, their cruelty, their selfishness, and their duplicitous, scheming nature, and there is little to like about a murden.

These abhumans live in small bands in wooded regions, in mountains, and on the shores of large bodies of water.

Typically, murdens bear slings and long, wicked blades. When possible, they attack from the shadows with ambushes and hit-and-run tactics. They normally flee in the face of real danger. Although it is inadvertent, their inherent telepathic powers are irritating and harmful to nearby creatures, who perceive it as an annoying static that scrambles thought. Those who have experienced a murden’s static firsthand report that strange voices and long-forgotten memories sometimes arise in the mental interference in haunting and disturbing ways.

Communicating with murdens is very difficult, but they seem to understand at least a little of the human languages and can convey information through gestures or drawings in the sand. Trusting them, however, is a fool’s mistake, for they delight in lies and trickery for its own sake.


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