Margr are variform abhumans. While no two look alike, most have some aspect of goat— a goat head, goat horns, goat legs, goat hooves, or some combination or varying degrees thereof. Margr live lives of terrible violence, killing each other (or really, anything they find) out of rage, sport, or lust. They breed and mature quickly, however, so their numbers never seem to diminish. They travel in small bands, scouring the dry wastelands, led by the strongest and most savage.

Margr wear trophies of their dead opponents but are poor crafters, so these displays are crude at best— severed heads on hooks, ears or fingers threaded on cords as necklaces, and so forth. This means that, on top of everything else, margr stink of rotting meat at all times.

Margr tend to wield spears or long-hafted axe weapons. They wear leather, hide, or scraps of other types of armor. Margr are vicious and bloodthirsty. They are not smart, but they are crafty, making them difficult to fool. Killing their leader sends them into a frenzy of confusion and fear.

Margr might be the most numerous of all abhumans. This is certainly true in the Steadfast and the southern portions of the Beyond. Margr harass civilized people on a regular basis, raiding villages or trade caravans. Some communities put bounties on their heads, hoping that mercenaries will eliminate the threat, but most people think of margr as creatures of almost supernatural evil— demons or devils— and do their best to hide from them.

Thankfully, the nomadic margr usually move on after a few raids.


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