Large insects with unusually strong wings of iridescent goldgleam, caffas have learned to navigate at ground level and below, flying tight and low between and around spaces that seem far too small for their size. In tight spaces, caffas are formidable opponents due to their ability to dodge hits and slip through tiny areas to attack from unexpected directions. Caffas have a wingspan of 4 feet (1.2 m).

Caffas inhabit areas with strong winds. They typically live low to the ground and sometimes even dwell underground.

Caffa adults plant the seeds of their larva with a special type of wing flap. The larva crawl along the ground or dig into it, feasting on any flesh they find, whether living or dead. After feasting, they burrow into the ground and spin themselves into cocoons. They remain in this state for anywhere from a few hours to a few days before emerging as adult caffas.

With their cloaked eyes and their wings of iridescent goldgleam, caffa have learned to navigate at ground level and below, flying through the tunneled mazes beneath the earth. A flap of their strong wings is enough to send a man flying. Two flaps, and a man will find the wind far easier to withstand.

At certain times of the year, a single wing flutter also releases a spray of eggs, all of which dig into the ground to cocoon before becoming caffa larva— ravenous creatures that appreciate the taste of corpses as well as that of living flesh. A caffa larva can eat ten times its weight in a single night.

Caffa are also one of the few reasons anyone would choose to brave such a place as the Slant. Their goldgleam wings are much coveted by those in more civilized places for decorative purposes, and the cocoons of their young are gathered and spun into silster, a nearly unbreakable golden thread. Because of their small size, many caffa wings and cocoons must be collected to produce even a meager trade amount, but the profit is so high, many are willing to take the risk. Those who trek the caffa trade route, carrying goldgleam and silster from the Slant to those who desire it, will likely find themselves well rewarded, should they safely make the trip.


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