Drake Fel


I am a Charming Jack who Rides the Lightning who went through the School of Hard Knocks

Might 12/24 (Edge: 3)
Speed 23/23 (Edge: 4)
Intellect 22/22 (Edge: 2)
*You can bear up to 4 cyphers.

*Trained in all tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction
*Specialized in perception, detecting that which is hidden and fine details
*Trained in picking locks
*Trained when using esoteries or abilities that influence the minds of others
*Specialized in stealth
*Specialized in swimming

Jack Abilities
Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons
*Flex Skill: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in.
*Hedge Magic (1 Intellect Point): You can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, and so on. You can’t use hedge magic to harm another creature or object. Action. Has an electrical effect and appearance.
*Electrical esoteries: Esoteries performed take on an electrical effect and appearance
*Pierce (1 Speed Point): This is a well aimed, ranged attack and allows for 1 extra damage Action.
*Ward: You have a shield of energy around you at all times that helps deflect attacks. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler.
*Mind Reading (4 Intellect Points:) You can read the surface thoughts of a creature within short range of you, even if the subject doesn’t want you to. You must be able to see the target. Once you have established contact, you can read the target’s thoughts for up to one minute. If you or the target move out of range, the connection is broken.
*Spray (2 Speed Points): If a weapon has the ability to fire rapid shots without reloading(usually called a rapid-fire weapon, such as the crank crossbow), you can spray multiple shots around your target to increase the chance of hitting. This move uses 1d6 + 1 rounds of ammo (or all the ammo in the weapon, if it has less than the number rolled). The difficulty of the attack roll is decreased by one step. If the attack is successful, it deals 1 less point of damage than normal. Action.
*Snipe (3 Speed Points): If you spend one action aiming, in the next round you can make a precise ranged attack. The difficulty of the attack roll is decreased by one step. If your attack is successful, it inflicts 4 additional points of damage. Action.

Invisibility (5 Intellect Points): You become invisible for ten minutes. While invisible, you are specialized in stealth and Speed defense tasks. This effect ends if you do something to reveal your presence or position—attacking, performing an esotery, using an ability, moving a large object, and so on. If this occurs, you can regain the remaining invisibility effect by taking an action to focus on hiding your position. Action to initiate or reinitiate.

Rides the Lightning Abilities
Shock (1 Intellect Point): Your hands crackle with electricity, and the next time you touch a creature, you inflict 3 points of damage. Alternatively, if you wield a weapon, for ten minutes it crackles with electricity and inflicts 1 additional point of damage per attack. Action for touch; enabler for weapon.
*Charge (1 Intellect Point): You can charge an artifact or other device (except a cypher) so that it can be used once. The cost is 1 Intellect point plus 1 point per level of the device. Action.
*Rides the Lightning (4 Intellect Points) You can move 50 feet from one location to another almost instantaneously, carried by a bolt of lightning. You must be able to see the new location, and there must be no intervening barriers. Action.

Drain Charge: Gain intellect points by draining the charge from machinery
*Bolts of Power (5 intellect points): You blast a fan of lightning out to a short range in an arc that is approximately fifty feet wide at the end. This discharge inflicts 4 points of damage. If you apply effort to increase the damage rather than lower the difficulty one level, you deal 2 additional points of damage per level of Effort applied. However, the targets in the area take 1 point of damage even if you fail.
*Electrical Flight (5 Intellect Points): You exude an aura of crackling electricity that lets you fly for ten minutes. You can’t carry other creatures with you. Action to activate.
*Wall of Lightning (6 Intellect Points): You create a barrier of crackling electricity up to 2,500 square feet (230 sq. m) in size, shaped as you wish. The wall is a level 7 barrier. Anyone within immediate distance of the wall automatically takes 10 points of damage. The wall lasts for one hour. Action to create.

*Inability at studying or retaining facts: The difficulty of any task involving lore, knowledge, or understanding is increased by one step.
*Inability at resisting mental attacks: Whenever you try to resist a mental attack, the difficulty is increased by one step.

*Verred: This weapon resembles a sword with two forked blades.
4 points of damage
5 points of damage w/ shock enabler
reduces the difficulty of the attack roll by one step
2 points of damage
3 points of damage w/ shock enabler
Can be thrown up to short range (50 feet) for 2 points of damage
Level: 10
Form: Forged numenera to a high quality crossbow
Effect: This weapon realigns the molecular structure of a living target, in effect crystallizing the flesh. It works at long and short range but has no visible manifestation (no ray or projectile) unless you electrify the bolts. The device inflicts 10 damage unless the bolts are electrified, in which case it does 11 damage. Further, if the target is slain by the device, the target shatters (shatters and fries in a blue crackling haze if electrified), exploding in an immediate radius with crystalline shrapnel that inflicts 3 points of damage (5 if electrified).
This device is a rapid-fire weapon, and thus can be used with the Spray or Arc Spray abilities that some glaives and jacks have, but each “round of ammo” used or each additional target selected requires an additional depletion roll.
Depletion: 1 in 1d20
10 damage
1 w/ Pierce
+1 w/ Shock
-1 w/ Spray but +3 to hit (1d6
1 rounds and that many depletion rolls)
+4 w/Snipe (and spending one action aiming, +3 to hit)
*Needler-0 shots available
*Light Breastplate: 2 points of armor
*Synth Helm: 1 point of armor

*Level 8 Antivenom: A tiny vial of vapor that renders user immune to poisons of the same level or lower (and ends any such ongoing effects, if any, already in the user’s system).
*Level 7 Magnetic Shield: For 10 minutes, metal objects cannot come within immediate range of the activated device. Metal items already in the area when the device is activated are slowly pushed out.
*Level 6 Psychic Communique: Allows the user to project a one-time, one-way telepathic message of up to ten words, with an unlimited range, to anyone he knows.
*Level 8 Truth Inducer: One creature touched answers questions truthfully for one minute.
*Level 7 Comprehension Graft:
Small metallic disk, which, when applied to a creature’s head, the disk immediately unleashes microfilaments that enter the brain. Within five minutes, the creature can understand the words of a specific language keyed to the graft. This is true even of creatures that do not normally have a language. If the creature could already understand the language, the cypher has no effect. Once the graft attaches, the effect is permanent, and this device no longer counts against the number of cyphers that a PC can bear.
*1 Pill of Invisibility
*1 Pill of 4 Armor via Force Field
*Feral Serum
*Boregal’s Brain

*Level 3 Cypher Bag: A soft green bag that can contain up to 3 cyphers, as long as each is no larger than a typical hand-held device. These cyphers do not count against your limit. Depletion: 1 in 1d20 (check each time a cypher is added to the bag)

*Blue crystal that glows as bright as a candle when held.
*A watch with foreign symbols that always tells correct time and accurately predicts weather

*An explorer’s pack: Contains 50 feet (15 m) of rope, rations for three days, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, two torches, and two minor glowglobes.
*A pack of light tools: Contains small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, small pry bar, lockpicks, 10 feet (3 m) of string, 3 feet (.09 m) of wire, and miscellaneous screws and nails.
*A bag of misc power cells:
Whenever you find a new device that operates on batteries or cells (GM discretion), there is a 75 percent chance that the bag contains one that will power it if it depletes. (Roll d20. Target 6.)
*Convergent medallion
*A journal that seems to have belonged to Mara Jess
*120 shins
Contact: Cela Jin— a grandfatherly and high-ranking Aeon Preist to whom the Fel’s often sell their finds.
Can take Chiron when using Bolt Rider or Electrical Flight.
+3 to mental defenses due to Boregal so you break even

external waterbreather, a waterbag, the harpoon gun, the webbing, the bubbler wtih 20 projectiles, and the bubblewrap suit

Three things to defend/vitally important:
-His own pride/self image
-Close comrades

Three things he loathes:
-Too many rules/restrictions
-Being deceived
-Violence just for the sake of violence

One secret/flaw:
-Can be overconfident/overestimates his abilities at times. Certainly true in any sort of gambling or game of odds. May also pick fights that he cannot win or try to impress people with tasks he may be less than capable of doing.

One quirk:
-He hates snakes (or whatever their equivalent now is) due to bad experience on a trip with his father.

One deeply personal goal:
-To figure out what happened to his father, who disappeared when he was young

One trinket:
-A ancient (but high tech) locket with a picture of his adventuring friend Mara

Reason to be on the Wandering Walk:
To search for an ancient treasure and perhaps find his father.

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Numenera Rulebook pg. 40, Players Guide pg. 28
Rides the Lightning
Numenera Rulebook pg. 71, Players Guide pg. 55


XP: 6

Athletic build, rugged looks
Dark brown, medium length bedhead. Stubble.
Blue-grey eyes

Drake was raised by his father, a numenera hunter, in the city of Qi. They were poor— not because Nic Fel was an unsuccesful hunter— but because he battled an addiction to high stakes ****le gambling.

Nic sometimes took his young son along on his searches, and sometimes left him in the care of Kylia Jess— a friend and neighbor. Kylia did her best— but she struggled to make ends meet while caring for two children that were not her own. The weeks and months young Drake was left with her, was time spent functionally on his own, or with her niece, Mara.

Eventually, Nic Fel simply did not return. His whereabouts to this day are not known.

Mara Jess was Drake’s closest companion, and as they matured, she became his business partner as well as they followed in the adventurous footsteps of his father. Eventually Drake’s push to find his father led to his desire to follow the man’s last known path. Mara called this fool-hardy and the two split. Drake never saw her again. This was 2 years ago.

Now he’s dead.

Drake Fel

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