Abel is a Graceful Jack who Controls Gravity, and comes from the School of Hard Knocks.

Might 10 (Edge: 0)
Speed 15 (Edge: 3)
Intellect 13 (Edge: 1)
Effort: 2
Level: 2

*Trained in balance and careful movement
*Trained in physical performing arts
*Trained in speed defense
*Trained in stealth
*Trained in nanotech
*Trained in disabling high tech locks

*Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons
*Flex Skill: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in.
*Practiced with armor: You reduce the Might cost per hour for wearing armor and the Speed Pool reduction for wearing armor by 2.
*Thrust (1 Might Point): This is a powerful melee stab. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point.
*Hover (1 Intellect Point) You float slowly into the air up to 50 feet, but no more, and drift with the wind or with any momentum you have gained. As an action, you can concentrate to remain motionless in the air, or move your normal speed. This effect lasts for up to twenty minutes.
*Push (2 Intellect Points): You push a creature or object an immediate distance in any direction you wish. You must be able to see the target, which must be your size or smaller, must not be affixed to anything, and must be within short range. The push is quick, and the force is too crude to be manipulated. For example, you can’t use this trick to pull a lever or even close a door. Action.
*Lessening Gravity’s Pull: By manipulating gravity’s pull on yourself, you gain +1 to your Speed Edge. Enabler.
*Autocalculates weight
*Bears up to 2 cyphers.

*Bow: Long range with 12 arrows
4 points of damage
*Forearm Blade: This metal weapon is basically a bracer with a mounted blade on it.
reduce the difficulty of the attack roll by one step
2 points of damage
3 points of damage w/ thrust action
*Leather Jerkin
1 point of Armor
*An explorer’s pack: Contains 50 feet (15 m) of rope, rations for three days, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches, and two minor glowglobes.
*A pack of light tools: Contains small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer(broken), small pry bar, lockpicks, 10 feet (3 m) of string, 3 feet (.09 m) of wire, and miscellaneous screws and nails.
*Level 6 Sleep Inducer: A tiny vial of green powder, that when blown into someone’s face puts the victim to sleep for ten minutes or until awoken by a violent action or an extremely loud noise.
*Level 6 Banishing Nodule: Crystal nodule affixed to forearmblade. For the next 28 hours, after activation, each time the weapon strikes a solid creature or object, it generates a burst of energy that teleports the creature or object struck an immediate distance in a random direction (not up or down). The difficulty of the teleported creature’s actions (including defense) is modified by one step to its detriment on its next turn.
*Artifact: a small disc that teleports paper placed on it once a day to its companion disc.
*Oddity: Glove that seems nearly impervious to damage
*0 shins
*Rations for 2 days
*5 vials filled with liquid from Cylion Basin

  • Mara’s journal

Drake Fel was badly hurt in the past by an accident involving his powers.

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Numenera Rulebook pg. 40, Players Guide pg. 28
Controls Gravity
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XP: 3
Age: 25
Height: 5’11
Weight: 170
Dark complexion
Brown hair
Tends to dress in fitting clothes that are not easily tangled in things.

Abel was born into a family of thieves. They all lived in a small town outside of Charmonde, in Navarene. They weren’t quite well off, but by no means were they poor. His mother and father, between robberies would pass on their skills to their kids. Ambre, Abel’s sister got the bulk of the training. This was likely due to her being born as a nano. Her odd abilities made her the most successful in general.

Being the middle child out of three kids, he had quite a bit of freedom. He wasn’t babied, like his younger brother, but he wasn’t held to the high standards that his parents expected from his sister.

His obsession with the Iron Wind started around the age of 16, when a storm redesigned his town. While most of his family was able to make it out alive, his younger brother did not. Against the advice of the other survivors, the family made their way back into the restructured town, to find what remained of the youngest child. The disfigured, semi-metallic, semi-organic corpse scarred what remained of the family.

Following that event, the surviving siblings made a pact to put a stop to the Iron Wind. Their parents, however seemed to be doing all they could just to hold onto their sanity.

Five years passed, and the sibling’s quest to find any Numenera connected to the wandering stormed caused them to grow close. Ambre was able to pass along many of the techniques that she had been taught, but because of her powers, Abel still wasn’t able to reach her skill level.

That changed during one solo expedition through an ancient building. The building was rumored to contain an artifact that exerted control over caffa. During this expedition, Abel became trapped in a room and the floor gave way.

Injured and half conscious, Abel could only wriggle in pain as the seemingly dead machines that were built into the room whirred back to life. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was the feeling of floating, followed by a quick rush to the ground and the sensation of growing heaviness.

When he came to, he was back on the floor that caved in, only feet away from the hole he’d fallen through.

Basic physical description:
3 things of vital import:
His own family
That others not suffer the loss of children as his family did

3 things I loathe:
The Iron Wind
Abuse of authority

1 secret or flaw:
Has suffered from PTSD since around the age of 16

1 quirk:
Fears bodies of water because he cannot swim

1 trinket of only personal value:
A token that his younger brother stole (his brother’s first theft), and later gave to him.

1 deeply personal goal:
A way to control, repurpose, or destroy the Iron Wind

A reason to be on the Wandering Walk:
To cover more ground Ambre has decided to leave the Walk to Abel and continue her search in a separate area.

Edge point to Speed


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