Chronicles of Ascension

The Doctor is In

Late night -

It has been an eventful time. Our fight below was quite…something. I am tired out, for sure, but glad we have solved what was afflicting Seria and the others. Once we were back in the evening light, the townsfolk seemed much more…amiable. And after my close call with the man who talked to the dead, I’m glad of it. If I had not been prepared with my Cypher, things could have gone rather badly.

I set up my permanent shelter near an inn, where the others decided to stay for the night. I need the time and solitude, however. With my new lab equipment, I was able to conduct further tests upon the Basin liquid, but nothing has been revealed— yet. My synth-staff artifact which I found in the ruins earlier has surpassed my expectations. Artifacts, how glorious! I treasure it already, and I haven’t even discovered all its secrets, I imagine! It seems to give an electrical shock. I tested it on Drake, and it seemed to interfere with his nervous system for a few moments, causing him disorientation and weakness. Afterwards, I attempted to locate the person who was carrying the remains of the brain-beast we fought against, but both Abel and Drake insisted that the other had it.

When I found Drake next to inform him of Abel’s accusation that he might have been lying, he was struggling with Lumi, who appeared to have fainted. I took him up to a room, with Ty’s help, and Drake coming along after me. I began tending to him, attempting to revive the Glaive. He seemed hot with fever, and I asked Ty to fetch me some of my Basin samples. I immediately thought otherwise of it, however, as I got the idea that perhaps the reason the liquids hadn’t been successful so far was because they were topical, and not to be ingested!

Instead, I sent her after some ice from the innkeeper. Meanwhile, Drake had already left the room. I searched about, and managed to find some cool liquid to apply to Lumi. For a moment, he sputtered awake, seeming to be highly confused, but soon lapsed back into unconsciousness.

The ice that Ty fetched helped a bit as well. When she came back, I was attempting to determine the sensitivity of his skin to the temperature changes around him, by holding a candle towards the bottom of his feet. He was unresponsive to this treatment, however. I decided that Ty could use some medical training, if she was to be useful while traveling with us, so I left her alone in the room with Lumi, with instructions to contact me if needed.

More talk with Drake left me frustrated, and I retired to my shelter for a time. A while later, I came back to examine Lumi with some of my lab equipment, but nothing useful was gleaned again. This was mostly due to my forced departure, when neither of the other occupants would stay quiet enough for me to work on poor Lumi. Drake and Ty were highly uncooperative. I’m not sure if I will be able to trust them around my work anymore, unfortunately.

And so here I sit, unable to properly attend to my patient. I worry about this group. They seem useful enough, and are a great help in exploring the Numenera around us, but…Drake is in it for the money. The Knight, well, he does well enough. I still fear for conflicts in the future, if he resists the change which must come over the land. Abel is confusing, and Lumi…he seems…dedicated. Hard to read, so far.

I will write more later. For now, I rest.

~ Chiron



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