Chronicles of Ascension

Promises to keep

Late Evening —

We’re returned, and the woman has crafted a device for Seria. She and her family have appeared in the inn which we are staying in for the night, for free as it turns out. As I suspected, the right course was to eliminate the Brokenhounds. The Basin peoples have been treating us with much respect now.
Speaking of brokenhounds, I was mistaken earlier. Abel, quite foolishly in my opinion, had muzzled the injured brokenhound, and brought it with him. He had knocked it out, so that it wasn’t ravaging people around it…but it soon woke up inside the inn, and the innkeeper instructed him to take it upstairs. The Knight followed along, and I as well after a fashion, intent on talking to Abel before he became too busy keeping control of his new pet.

He was most reluctant to share his samples of the five pools, insistent that he be able to observe me conduct my experiments upon the samples. When I refused, he too refused to share, claiming with no current basis that the liquids were infested with nanites, trying to pass himself off as one knowledgeable in nanotechnology. Maybe he knows a bit, but all he made were guesses. He was simply lucky enough to be right on that account. When I gathered my own samples, I brought them back to my room in the inn for study. They gleaned me little, but that they were infused with nanotechnology and seemed to have some beneficial properties, though what I could not immediately ascertain.

After a few further tests, I realized a more direct series of experiments would be required. Heading back into the common room downstairs, I gave Lumi one of the samples of green liquid. He drank it, but no immediate effects could be observed, even through a scan. I moved on to Drake, who was given a sample of the blue liquid. The same results happened. Next the black liquid, to a stranger I found in the common area; before I could administer it however, Lumi came over, snatched the man’s drink, and downed it himself. No observable changes again, though I suspect that the test was compromised due to the Glaive’s state of mind and foreknowledge of the liquid in the drink.

I have written detailed notes upon my discoveries and exact measurements of the liquids on several frequencies, appended below. As a side note, Drake spent much of the night talking to the innkeeper’s niece, a young lady named Ty. Perhaps he will decide to stay here with her while the rest of us move on. I cannot tell yet.
I write this as I attempt to gain some sleep. Abel and Xudablu, in a nearby room, seem to have released their brokenhound from its restraints, and it is making quite the ruckus. It may be some time before I find sleep tonight….

Early morning —

I woke early, to silence outside my room. It would seem that the Knight and Jack managed to subdue their creature. I admit, I’m impressed. Xudablu has come downstairs and seems to be passed out with exhaustion at the bar. Drake is down here as well, and looking rather nervously at Ty, who has brought us each some breakfast. A few moments ago, Drake asked me for advice, though why I do not know, as he hasn’t taken any of it. It seems he invited the young lady to come with us when we left today, but then later was talked to by her uncle, who offered him a large sum of Shins to keep her here.

He did not seem to know what to do. My advice was to find a way to gently tell her that we were leaving without her. After all, she is under her uncle’s protection, and he is responsible for her. If he wishes her to stay, then stay she will. When he seemed to disapprove of this idea, I offered to inform her myself, for a small cut of the shins of course. I could always use some funds to continue my research. Abel jumped into the conversation before the details were finalized, however.

In just a few minutes, I plan on gathering our group to get a more clear idea of where we are going next. Hopefully we can get a firm plan established. I also must remember to gather larger quantities of samples from the pools before I leave. That could be vital for some research later.

~ Chiron

Appended during conversation —

“His name is Boregal and he’s . . . trapped somewhere, deep in the earth, in a machine . . . he didn’t tell me what the machine does. You have to understand— it’s not like a conversation— it’s more images, sensations— a word gets through here and there— but it’s hard to explain.”

“He’s scared but he . . . he reaches in your head and it’s overwhelming. You can hardly think for yourself. It hurts— physically hurts.”

“…He’s more like a confused and angry child or — child isn’t right. Maybe like an old one with the minders? I don’t think he’s exactly sane. But . . . no he’s not trying to hurt people I think he just needs help.” “…He was pulling me, I wasn’t . . . there, in control. I could barely speak! But with Darvin’s work, I can still hear him, but he’s not in control. I am. But someone has to stop this.”

Below is a sketch of a drawing Seria made for us, to illustrate what she was saying. I have reproduced it to the best of my limited artistic abilities.



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