Chronicles of Ascension

Poking Heads and Taking Names

Day 174 Y 902

We’ve met a dead end; a mirrored door. Figured it would be a good idea to write down what happened while we try to figure out how to open the damn thing. I’m out of ideas, so I’m going to let the others take a crack at it while I write.

Once again, I have cheated myself out of a fair amount of shins. No surprise there. How is it that every time I have a chance to get ahead in the game, I always manage to end up right back where I was before, or in an even worse situation? One would think that I would learn to just keep the money in my pocket for once. I must be slow learner…

The usual suspects came into play once again, though surprisingly there wasn’t much alcohol or gambling involved this time around. I mentioned before that I was offered a fair amount of shins to leave Ty, the innkeeper’s niece, behind after I had offered to take her with the group that I am currently travelling with. I didn’t think that the innkeeper would actually be able to come up with the money, but there it was, a bag of 500 shins, sitting on the bar, waiting for me at breakfast.

And…I left it there.

I couldn’t go through with it. I had given Ty my word, and I guess Drake Fel’s word is worth more than 500 shins. It didn’t help that she was extremely excited to leave and only someone without a soul would break a girl’s heart like that. (As a side note, Chiron advised me to take the money. Which leads me to wonder if he has a soul…) Plus, my fourth weakness came into play as well. I cannot say that I don’t mind her company on this journey, which is partially why I invited her to come along in the first place. Ah, what women can do to a man!

And so I remain Drake Fel, the dashing, intelligent, charming, charismatic, treasure-hunting, and penniless rouge.

Something else happened that morning…and I’m pretty sure it explains why I felt that strange connection to Naedi’s daughter, Seria. But I will leave that for later…

So we decided to leave as soon as possible, but our dear Knight, Xudablu, was too sleepy! Isn’t that cute? Such a tired little knight! Maybe someone will have to tuck him in and read him a bedtime story so that he can get a better night’s rest from now on! Anyhow, he decided to stay and sleep for another couple hours before catching up to us on his flying lizard.

After completing a couple errands (Chiron got some of that nasty colored water from the pools…I have no idea why. I went to Darvin and found out that the sap I collected has healing properties!) we decided to head out with Seria leading the way, using her strange mind powers to guide us in the direction of the beale who was causing her ailments.

Along the way, Seria and I discussed our connection. She believes that I have some sort of sensitivity to these mental powers that she possesses and, perhaps with some training with her, I too could gain control of these powers. It is an interesting idea, to say the least, but I’m a bit skeptical. I mean, I have had strange experiences before, especially since I’ve met Seria, but whether or not any of these things have to do with my own abilities is kind of up in the air right now.

It just seems odd to me how I’m first discovering I could have this now…unless I just wasn’t paying attention to the signs…maybe all those gut instincts I’ve had over the years were actually part of this ability I have? It’s strange for sure, but then again, I’ve gained the power over electricity and have learned a couple things about hedge magic during my adventures.

For a majority of the trip, Seria tried to help me train my mind to control these powers. It is difficult, to say the least, and the experience is difficult to describe in words. In fact, I don’t know if I can. Regardless, I’m not sure how much headway we made, but I don’t feel like I’m in any more control than before.

After about a day’s travel, we arrived at a rather hostile town. The natives all looked like they were likely to stab you in the back, take all your money, and then leave your bleeding corpse to rot if you even looked at them the wrong way. Heck, I’m sure a majority of them would do it even if you didn’t look at them!

Chiron, being the strange man that he is, decided to try and force some of his nasty green pool water down some random man’s throat. They man, who was obvious at least slightly sane, was having nothing of it. Being as we stopped for a bit, I decide to check up on Ty.

I’m kind of regretting taking her here first…probably should have let her dip her toes in first rather than pushing her in. Ah well…live and learn I suppose. She seemed to be taking it alright, she was holding herself together fairly well at the very least. I should probably take her to see something much nicer once this business is over…

While we were waiting for Chiron to finish whatever the heck he was doing, our sleepy Knight arrived on his winged gecko. Apparently just in time too, as Abel decided to provoke the man that Chiron was talking to by poking him in the head! Whatever possessed him to do so is beyond me, but the man that had been poked tried to attack our gravity-controlling Jack. Fortunately for Abel, his opponent was quite pitiful and his attack was easy to get out of the way of.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the townspeople seemed to have take a new interest in us…and not in a good way. Lumi and myself positioned ourselves to protect the family and Ty, though the glaive seemed to put himself a little closer to Ty than anyone else.
I’ve been watching him, and he seems to, for some reason or another, have taken it upon himself to be Ty’s personal bodyguard. Now, if it were someone else and if, I might be worried about how close he seems to be trying to get to her. But, let’s be honest here, the Lumi’s of the world don’t get the girls when there are much more handsome, witty, and charming rogues like myself around!

Still though…I’m going to keep an eye on the glaive. Who knows. Maybe he will save her from an explosion or something and, in the process, his leg gets blown off. Then she will be, “Aw, you saved my life and now you are injured! I have to love you now! I’m going to just ignore the fact that have the emotional capacity and wittiness of a rock and that your face looks like Xudablu’s flying iguana’s hindquarters!” Then they will go get married in a secret chapel in a beautiful glade. Lumi will obviously have to retire from glaive-ing, due to the fact that he is down to three limbs, so he will open a little shop selling weird wooden statues. Ty will slowly get bored out of her mind because Lumi only says three sentences every decade, but she is trapped by her——

…got a bit off track there.

Well, none of the townspeople end up attacking (I’ll admit, I’m a rather intimidating target) and Abel leaves his “friend” crying into the dust. We move deeper into the town, following Seria. She leads us to a place that is creepy even for this town, and when we enter we find ourselves in the middle of a murder investigation.

Xudablu tries to be tough and attempts to threaten the only person present into telling us where the person we are looking for is located. However, a sleepy knight isn’t very scary and the man refuses to tell us anything.

Abel then took a shot at it. I’m not sure if he’s just over tired or if his gravity powers have backfired and squashed his brain, but he once again decided that the “poke man in the forehead” option would work best in this situation. Same result as last time, though, with the help of our wild winged gecko tamer, he managed to knock the only person that could possibly answer our questions unconscious.

Luckily, Seria managed without. She discovered the way to the basement and we were all led to a door which Abel managed to unlock. Behind the door was an office and it looked like we were at a dead end. However, Abel once again came through for us and discovered a secret staircase leading farther down underneath the floor.

And that’s where we are now. We went down the staircase and came up to this mirrored door. I feel like we are getting close to our goal. Seria mentioned that the beale that was asking her for help. But for what?

If my gut (or perhaps my mind?) is correct…we will soon find out.



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