Chronicles of Ascension

Breakfast, Basins, Beales and Brokenhounds

I’ll have to be brief in my notes, as I am writing on the road. The day brightened, just like many others. After eating a breakfast, I took aside the chief of the village, to enquirer about any Numenera found nearby. Unfortunately, as far as he knew, no one had found anything remotely interesting in the area for decades, other than a few oddities. While I occasionally find such things to be entertaining, really, they’re of little consequence. They interact with the nanites so sparingly, if at all, there’s naught to be learned there. Attention is much better left on cyphers and artifacts. A turn for the better, though, was when he mentioned the presence of mystical ‘pools’ near the Basins.

We left with the mother of the two children who alerted us the previous day. Our goal was to reunite her with her daughter and son, over at the Basins. There was a little good-hearted humor on the journey, a contest between the Knight and the other Glaive, Lumi. Drake has shown his true intentions, though, while we traveled. He appears concerned mainly about how he can profit from his actions, or the actions of others. While he is around, I will be sure to maintain a close eye on my research notes, Artifacts, and other personal belongings. He says he knows of Cela Jin, but I have my doubts. How could a Priest such as my mentor allow a man like Drake to profit from the Numenera, something which should be, eventually, shared with all? His kind bear watching.

I learned of the Xi-drake’s name while traveling, as well. Mateus, he is called. He is certainly the youngest of his kind I have met, though Xudablu has confirmed some of the rumors I have heard before, at the sizes such creatures can take given enough time. I’ll pin a note of his experiences with the race into this journal later.

We made it to the Basin in good enough time. A man was selling Oddities by the enclave’s borders. I looked into some, but with little interest. The only one of any import was a canister which sprayed a golden substance out, that just seemed to…hang there. I wasn’t able to purchase it myself, due to a lack of funds. I attempted to casually suggest to Drake that he purchase it for me, as justice would see fit for one of such greed. The Knight wasn’t having any of it, though, which seemed odd. I have always held the Knights in the greatest respect, standing for ideals of a grand nature. Recent interactions with Xudablu in particular, however…well, they may become an eventual threat against my aspirations, while serving their duty to preserve the Ninth World. Maybe I will be able to show them their error when the new dawn is back upon us, but….I hold little hope. We shall cross that bridge when we get there.

Drake, the Knight, the mother, and I all searched for a tavern, which we quickly found and entered. When we left Abel and Lumi, still looking about the Oddities the vendor was selling, I caught sight of the Jack taking a few samples from each of the pools. I will need to obtain them from him in the future, of course. They say the waters, or…whatever the substance is, contain healing powers. If this is true, they could be a great asset in medicinal advancement.

Once inside the tavern, a round of drinks was ordered, whereupon I once again subtly hinted at Drake to pick up the tab. He was resistant, though, and instead the mother placed her coin down. We drank, and listened, and were fortunate enough to be given directions to a place where Seria and Pateel might be located, with a healer of the mind, as far as I can tell. I’m not really sure what she does. But she knows more than what she should. I suspect a great connection to the nanites, and she claims a beale.

The woman asked for certain materials in order to construct an implant, which would block the ‘beale’ call to Seria’s mind. The mother had long since rushed inside the house to be with her Seria, so the three of us remaining rejoined the other two. After a short explanation, which included the danger of the Brokenhounds who were infesting the healing garden, we trekked out to the location.

When we arrived, it didn’t take long for the creatures to find us. Or perhaps we found them; I’m not truly sure. There was a short battle. My firey command of the nanites allowed me to hold my own in the battle, despite a few wounds from scratches the hounds inflicted. At one point, I fired my buzzer, which I’m beginning to take to wearing under my sleeves at all times now, at a wounded Brokenhound. Abel, for a reason as yet unknown to me, jumped in front of him, taking the shot. I can only believe that he meant to do so, as he told me off for attempting to shoot the creature. I can’t quite remember; maybe the heat of battle erased the finer functions of my mind at the time, but I believe it was eventually put down.

The hounds ran away quickly, and we were left to our own devices. We collected the samples, while I approached the pear that we were instructed to retrieve. A warning about the fruit was given to us, and so I had decided to investigate it quickly before it was touched. The Knight ignored my warnings, however, and in a rash move just plucked the thing. I admit, I was a little more than slightly amused at the jolting he received as a consequence.

We were going to head back, but Mateus located where the Brokenhounds had gone. Everyone but the Knight himself agreed upon removing the threat to the community that the hounds presented, so that the healers of the place would once again be able to use the gardens for their intended purposes.

We found the pack by following along the direction Mateus had flew, but were imprecise because of Xudablu and his friend’s departure from us at the time. We snuck up near the group after a bit, but someone alerted them, and our ambush wasn’t as successful as we wanted. We soon ended their threat, permanently. We’re on our way back to the Basins now. I must stop writing now, I believe I have spotted the outskirts. Any additional information will be written as needed in future updates to this journal.

~ Chiron



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