Chronicles of Ascension

Brain Power!

Day 175, Y902

Note to self: No more fighting beales. It is too much of a headache.


I suppose some explanation is needed…though I will try to make this short as my brain is still hurting from the battle with the…well, the brain. Anyhow, we figured out how to get through the mirror door. Lumi, being the man of incredible intellect and patience that he is, decided to attack the door with his sword. The door shattered and, luckily, the only bad repercussion was the terrible smell that assaulted our noses.

Upon entering the next room, we soon found the source of the horrendous odor; a large amount of dead and decaying bodies. Also in the room was a crazy man who was apparently attempting to get information out of the deceased. For some reason or another (I can’t think of why…), his attempts seemed to be in vain.

Xudablu attempted to converse with this man, but the stranger seemed more intent on speaking with the dead than with Angulan Knights. The Knight, being the man of incredible charisma and patience that he is, soon gave up and went to help Abel punch a door open. While the two attempt this without much success (unless it was their purpose to injure themselves?), Chiron picked up where Xudablu left off. He was slightly more “successful” and actually got the man to attack him without saying more than a couple words. I do not know what it is about my companions that provokes the people around here..

I, of course, moved to save the old man from the predicament he got himself into, but the nano has a couple tricks up his sleeve. He turned his attacker into a small, furry animal with some device that he had. I pulled my attack back just in time to avoid impaling the creature that had been a man just moments before. With the crazy man no longer a threat, Chiron had me investigate the body that our now fuzzy friend had been trying to talk to. There was a strange mark on his forehead, but otherwise I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

After I concluded my search of the dead body, I realized that I had been left in the room by myself. After a quick look around the room, I saw that the door that Xudablu and Abel had been working on was now open. Scooping up the fuzzy creature that Chiron had created (because I’m the responsible one), I left to catch up with the others. I hoped that we were close finding this “machine man” and ending this once and for all.

Wish granted.

In the next room, I was greeted by the voice from my dreams. The beale, I was sure. Then, in the next second, everything went to hell. My mind felt like it was going to start leaking out of my ears, exploding in pain. I crumpled to the ground, and for what seemed like the longest time, there was only the pain. I tried to fight it off, to combat it, but it was too strong. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear. The pain was everything…like nothing I have ever experienced before.

But then the grip was released. My head still felt like it was going to explode, but the beale had halted its attack. I knew that my life depended on ignoring the pain and fighting through it and through my great willpower I was able to steel myself against it. When I got my senses back about me, I saw this massive, hodge-podge creature that I knew must be the beale. I looked around at my companions and saw that I was the first to recover and that the first attack was up to me. Drawing my verred, I charged the beast.

The rest of the battle is a blur, though I believe we all fought valiantly. Lumi scored some key hits against the beale, and I believe that both Seria and Abel were turned against us at some point during the fight. I also think that Chiron’s “spell” wore off on the crazy man and he too joined in the fray (against us, of course). The situation was beginning to look rather bleak and I wasn’t sure if I could take much more of our opponent’s mental attacks, but a final blow from…well, I don’t remember exactly who it was. Knowing my own abilities, it was probably me! Anyhow, our opponent was defeated and only a rocky brain remained. The beale’s hold on Seria and the crazy man was released and we were victorious!

While the rest of the group looked for anything useful in the room and checked up on the family and Ty, I had a nice conversation with the beale. His name is Boregal. His memory wasn’t the greatest and he seemed rather out of it, but I was able to get some information out of him. Its seems like someone had trapped him in the brain as some sort of prison…I tried further inquiries but they didn’t lead to any more details. Eventually, I agreed to take him with us, to which he was overjoyed. Abel had some questions for Boregal and I told him that I could talk with the beale, however, it would be best if we waited to do so. He seemed pleased with this and left me with the brain.

We left the chamber and once we were back above ground, we could instantly see the effect we had made on the village. No longer did they look like they wanted to slit our throats and take our shins. The still weren’t friendly by any means, but they weren’t menacing either. It would seem that by freeing Boregal from whatever had him doing what he was doing now freed the people from him, much like it freed Seria and the crazy man.

I am quite tired and my head still hurts, so I think this where I’m going to leave this for tonight. I’m staying at one of the inns in the town and to be honest, I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. Now that we have completed our “quest” per say, will we stay together or go our separate ways? Working towards defeating the beale kept all of us together, despite our different reasons for wanting him stopped. But now that he has, I wonder what will become of our little group…

Too much thinking, not enough sleeping. I can worry about that tomorrow.



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