Chronicles of Ascension

The Doctor is In

Late night -

It has been an eventful time. Our fight below was quite…something. I am tired out, for sure, but glad we have solved what was afflicting Seria and the others. Once we were back in the evening light, the townsfolk seemed much more…amiable. And after my close call with the man who talked to the dead, I’m glad of it. If I had not been prepared with my Cypher, things could have gone rather badly.

I set up my permanent shelter near an inn, where the others decided to stay for the night. I need the time and solitude, however. With my new lab equipment, I was able to conduct further tests upon the Basin liquid, but nothing has been revealed— yet. My synth-staff artifact which I found in the ruins earlier has surpassed my expectations. Artifacts, how glorious! I treasure it already, and I haven’t even discovered all its secrets, I imagine! It seems to give an electrical shock. I tested it on Drake, and it seemed to interfere with his nervous system for a few moments, causing him disorientation and weakness. Afterwards, I attempted to locate the person who was carrying the remains of the brain-beast we fought against, but both Abel and Drake insisted that the other had it.

When I found Drake next to inform him of Abel’s accusation that he might have been lying, he was struggling with Lumi, who appeared to have fainted. I took him up to a room, with Ty’s help, and Drake coming along after me. I began tending to him, attempting to revive the Glaive. He seemed hot with fever, and I asked Ty to fetch me some of my Basin samples. I immediately thought otherwise of it, however, as I got the idea that perhaps the reason the liquids hadn’t been successful so far was because they were topical, and not to be ingested!

Instead, I sent her after some ice from the innkeeper. Meanwhile, Drake had already left the room. I searched about, and managed to find some cool liquid to apply to Lumi. For a moment, he sputtered awake, seeming to be highly confused, but soon lapsed back into unconsciousness.

The ice that Ty fetched helped a bit as well. When she came back, I was attempting to determine the sensitivity of his skin to the temperature changes around him, by holding a candle towards the bottom of his feet. He was unresponsive to this treatment, however. I decided that Ty could use some medical training, if she was to be useful while traveling with us, so I left her alone in the room with Lumi, with instructions to contact me if needed.

More talk with Drake left me frustrated, and I retired to my shelter for a time. A while later, I came back to examine Lumi with some of my lab equipment, but nothing useful was gleaned again. This was mostly due to my forced departure, when neither of the other occupants would stay quiet enough for me to work on poor Lumi. Drake and Ty were highly uncooperative. I’m not sure if I will be able to trust them around my work anymore, unfortunately.

And so here I sit, unable to properly attend to my patient. I worry about this group. They seem useful enough, and are a great help in exploring the Numenera around us, but…Drake is in it for the money. The Knight, well, he does well enough. I still fear for conflicts in the future, if he resists the change which must come over the land. Abel is confusing, and Lumi…he seems…dedicated. Hard to read, so far.

I will write more later. For now, I rest.

~ Chiron

Brain Power!

Day 175, Y902

Note to self: No more fighting beales. It is too much of a headache.


I suppose some explanation is needed…though I will try to make this short as my brain is still hurting from the battle with the…well, the brain. Anyhow, we figured out how to get through the mirror door. Lumi, being the man of incredible intellect and patience that he is, decided to attack the door with his sword. The door shattered and, luckily, the only bad repercussion was the terrible smell that assaulted our noses.

Upon entering the next room, we soon found the source of the horrendous odor; a large amount of dead and decaying bodies. Also in the room was a crazy man who was apparently attempting to get information out of the deceased. For some reason or another (I can’t think of why…), his attempts seemed to be in vain.

Xudablu attempted to converse with this man, but the stranger seemed more intent on speaking with the dead than with Angulan Knights. The Knight, being the man of incredible charisma and patience that he is, soon gave up and went to help Abel punch a door open. While the two attempt this without much success (unless it was their purpose to injure themselves?), Chiron picked up where Xudablu left off. He was slightly more “successful” and actually got the man to attack him without saying more than a couple words. I do not know what it is about my companions that provokes the people around here..

I, of course, moved to save the old man from the predicament he got himself into, but the nano has a couple tricks up his sleeve. He turned his attacker into a small, furry animal with some device that he had. I pulled my attack back just in time to avoid impaling the creature that had been a man just moments before. With the crazy man no longer a threat, Chiron had me investigate the body that our now fuzzy friend had been trying to talk to. There was a strange mark on his forehead, but otherwise I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

After I concluded my search of the dead body, I realized that I had been left in the room by myself. After a quick look around the room, I saw that the door that Xudablu and Abel had been working on was now open. Scooping up the fuzzy creature that Chiron had created (because I’m the responsible one), I left to catch up with the others. I hoped that we were close finding this “machine man” and ending this once and for all.

Wish granted.

In the next room, I was greeted by the voice from my dreams. The beale, I was sure. Then, in the next second, everything went to hell. My mind felt like it was going to start leaking out of my ears, exploding in pain. I crumpled to the ground, and for what seemed like the longest time, there was only the pain. I tried to fight it off, to combat it, but it was too strong. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear. The pain was everything…like nothing I have ever experienced before.

But then the grip was released. My head still felt like it was going to explode, but the beale had halted its attack. I knew that my life depended on ignoring the pain and fighting through it and through my great willpower I was able to steel myself against it. When I got my senses back about me, I saw this massive, hodge-podge creature that I knew must be the beale. I looked around at my companions and saw that I was the first to recover and that the first attack was up to me. Drawing my verred, I charged the beast.

The rest of the battle is a blur, though I believe we all fought valiantly. Lumi scored some key hits against the beale, and I believe that both Seria and Abel were turned against us at some point during the fight. I also think that Chiron’s “spell” wore off on the crazy man and he too joined in the fray (against us, of course). The situation was beginning to look rather bleak and I wasn’t sure if I could take much more of our opponent’s mental attacks, but a final blow from…well, I don’t remember exactly who it was. Knowing my own abilities, it was probably me! Anyhow, our opponent was defeated and only a rocky brain remained. The beale’s hold on Seria and the crazy man was released and we were victorious!

While the rest of the group looked for anything useful in the room and checked up on the family and Ty, I had a nice conversation with the beale. His name is Boregal. His memory wasn’t the greatest and he seemed rather out of it, but I was able to get some information out of him. Its seems like someone had trapped him in the brain as some sort of prison…I tried further inquiries but they didn’t lead to any more details. Eventually, I agreed to take him with us, to which he was overjoyed. Abel had some questions for Boregal and I told him that I could talk with the beale, however, it would be best if we waited to do so. He seemed pleased with this and left me with the brain.

We left the chamber and once we were back above ground, we could instantly see the effect we had made on the village. No longer did they look like they wanted to slit our throats and take our shins. The still weren’t friendly by any means, but they weren’t menacing either. It would seem that by freeing Boregal from whatever had him doing what he was doing now freed the people from him, much like it freed Seria and the crazy man.

I am quite tired and my head still hurts, so I think this where I’m going to leave this for tonight. I’m staying at one of the inns in the town and to be honest, I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. Now that we have completed our “quest” per say, will we stay together or go our separate ways? Working towards defeating the beale kept all of us together, despite our different reasons for wanting him stopped. But now that he has, I wonder what will become of our little group…

Too much thinking, not enough sleeping. I can worry about that tomorrow.

Poking Heads and Taking Names

Day 174 Y 902

We’ve met a dead end; a mirrored door. Figured it would be a good idea to write down what happened while we try to figure out how to open the damn thing. I’m out of ideas, so I’m going to let the others take a crack at it while I write.

Once again, I have cheated myself out of a fair amount of shins. No surprise there. How is it that every time I have a chance to get ahead in the game, I always manage to end up right back where I was before, or in an even worse situation? One would think that I would learn to just keep the money in my pocket for once. I must be slow learner…

The usual suspects came into play once again, though surprisingly there wasn’t much alcohol or gambling involved this time around. I mentioned before that I was offered a fair amount of shins to leave Ty, the innkeeper’s niece, behind after I had offered to take her with the group that I am currently travelling with. I didn’t think that the innkeeper would actually be able to come up with the money, but there it was, a bag of 500 shins, sitting on the bar, waiting for me at breakfast.

And…I left it there.

I couldn’t go through with it. I had given Ty my word, and I guess Drake Fel’s word is worth more than 500 shins. It didn’t help that she was extremely excited to leave and only someone without a soul would break a girl’s heart like that. (As a side note, Chiron advised me to take the money. Which leads me to wonder if he has a soul…) Plus, my fourth weakness came into play as well. I cannot say that I don’t mind her company on this journey, which is partially why I invited her to come along in the first place. Ah, what women can do to a man!

And so I remain Drake Fel, the dashing, intelligent, charming, charismatic, treasure-hunting, and penniless rouge.

Something else happened that morning…and I’m pretty sure it explains why I felt that strange connection to Naedi’s daughter, Seria. But I will leave that for later…

So we decided to leave as soon as possible, but our dear Knight, Xudablu, was too sleepy! Isn’t that cute? Such a tired little knight! Maybe someone will have to tuck him in and read him a bedtime story so that he can get a better night’s rest from now on! Anyhow, he decided to stay and sleep for another couple hours before catching up to us on his flying lizard.

After completing a couple errands (Chiron got some of that nasty colored water from the pools…I have no idea why. I went to Darvin and found out that the sap I collected has healing properties!) we decided to head out with Seria leading the way, using her strange mind powers to guide us in the direction of the beale who was causing her ailments.

Along the way, Seria and I discussed our connection. She believes that I have some sort of sensitivity to these mental powers that she possesses and, perhaps with some training with her, I too could gain control of these powers. It is an interesting idea, to say the least, but I’m a bit skeptical. I mean, I have had strange experiences before, especially since I’ve met Seria, but whether or not any of these things have to do with my own abilities is kind of up in the air right now.

It just seems odd to me how I’m first discovering I could have this now…unless I just wasn’t paying attention to the signs…maybe all those gut instincts I’ve had over the years were actually part of this ability I have? It’s strange for sure, but then again, I’ve gained the power over electricity and have learned a couple things about hedge magic during my adventures.

For a majority of the trip, Seria tried to help me train my mind to control these powers. It is difficult, to say the least, and the experience is difficult to describe in words. In fact, I don’t know if I can. Regardless, I’m not sure how much headway we made, but I don’t feel like I’m in any more control than before.

After about a day’s travel, we arrived at a rather hostile town. The natives all looked like they were likely to stab you in the back, take all your money, and then leave your bleeding corpse to rot if you even looked at them the wrong way. Heck, I’m sure a majority of them would do it even if you didn’t look at them!

Chiron, being the strange man that he is, decided to try and force some of his nasty green pool water down some random man’s throat. They man, who was obvious at least slightly sane, was having nothing of it. Being as we stopped for a bit, I decide to check up on Ty.

I’m kind of regretting taking her here first…probably should have let her dip her toes in first rather than pushing her in. Ah well…live and learn I suppose. She seemed to be taking it alright, she was holding herself together fairly well at the very least. I should probably take her to see something much nicer once this business is over…

While we were waiting for Chiron to finish whatever the heck he was doing, our sleepy Knight arrived on his winged gecko. Apparently just in time too, as Abel decided to provoke the man that Chiron was talking to by poking him in the head! Whatever possessed him to do so is beyond me, but the man that had been poked tried to attack our gravity-controlling Jack. Fortunately for Abel, his opponent was quite pitiful and his attack was easy to get out of the way of.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the townspeople seemed to have take a new interest in us…and not in a good way. Lumi and myself positioned ourselves to protect the family and Ty, though the glaive seemed to put himself a little closer to Ty than anyone else.
I’ve been watching him, and he seems to, for some reason or another, have taken it upon himself to be Ty’s personal bodyguard. Now, if it were someone else and if, I might be worried about how close he seems to be trying to get to her. But, let’s be honest here, the Lumi’s of the world don’t get the girls when there are much more handsome, witty, and charming rogues like myself around!

Still though…I’m going to keep an eye on the glaive. Who knows. Maybe he will save her from an explosion or something and, in the process, his leg gets blown off. Then she will be, “Aw, you saved my life and now you are injured! I have to love you now! I’m going to just ignore the fact that have the emotional capacity and wittiness of a rock and that your face looks like Xudablu’s flying iguana’s hindquarters!” Then they will go get married in a secret chapel in a beautiful glade. Lumi will obviously have to retire from glaive-ing, due to the fact that he is down to three limbs, so he will open a little shop selling weird wooden statues. Ty will slowly get bored out of her mind because Lumi only says three sentences every decade, but she is trapped by her——

…got a bit off track there.

Well, none of the townspeople end up attacking (I’ll admit, I’m a rather intimidating target) and Abel leaves his “friend” crying into the dust. We move deeper into the town, following Seria. She leads us to a place that is creepy even for this town, and when we enter we find ourselves in the middle of a murder investigation.

Xudablu tries to be tough and attempts to threaten the only person present into telling us where the person we are looking for is located. However, a sleepy knight isn’t very scary and the man refuses to tell us anything.

Abel then took a shot at it. I’m not sure if he’s just over tired or if his gravity powers have backfired and squashed his brain, but he once again decided that the “poke man in the forehead” option would work best in this situation. Same result as last time, though, with the help of our wild winged gecko tamer, he managed to knock the only person that could possibly answer our questions unconscious.

Luckily, Seria managed without. She discovered the way to the basement and we were all led to a door which Abel managed to unlock. Behind the door was an office and it looked like we were at a dead end. However, Abel once again came through for us and discovered a secret staircase leading farther down underneath the floor.

And that’s where we are now. We went down the staircase and came up to this mirrored door. I feel like we are getting close to our goal. Seria mentioned that the beale that was asking her for help. But for what?

If my gut (or perhaps my mind?) is correct…we will soon find out.

Promises to keep

Late Evening —

We’re returned, and the woman has crafted a device for Seria. She and her family have appeared in the inn which we are staying in for the night, for free as it turns out. As I suspected, the right course was to eliminate the Brokenhounds. The Basin peoples have been treating us with much respect now.
Speaking of brokenhounds, I was mistaken earlier. Abel, quite foolishly in my opinion, had muzzled the injured brokenhound, and brought it with him. He had knocked it out, so that it wasn’t ravaging people around it…but it soon woke up inside the inn, and the innkeeper instructed him to take it upstairs. The Knight followed along, and I as well after a fashion, intent on talking to Abel before he became too busy keeping control of his new pet.

He was most reluctant to share his samples of the five pools, insistent that he be able to observe me conduct my experiments upon the samples. When I refused, he too refused to share, claiming with no current basis that the liquids were infested with nanites, trying to pass himself off as one knowledgeable in nanotechnology. Maybe he knows a bit, but all he made were guesses. He was simply lucky enough to be right on that account. When I gathered my own samples, I brought them back to my room in the inn for study. They gleaned me little, but that they were infused with nanotechnology and seemed to have some beneficial properties, though what I could not immediately ascertain.

After a few further tests, I realized a more direct series of experiments would be required. Heading back into the common room downstairs, I gave Lumi one of the samples of green liquid. He drank it, but no immediate effects could be observed, even through a scan. I moved on to Drake, who was given a sample of the blue liquid. The same results happened. Next the black liquid, to a stranger I found in the common area; before I could administer it however, Lumi came over, snatched the man’s drink, and downed it himself. No observable changes again, though I suspect that the test was compromised due to the Glaive’s state of mind and foreknowledge of the liquid in the drink.

I have written detailed notes upon my discoveries and exact measurements of the liquids on several frequencies, appended below. As a side note, Drake spent much of the night talking to the innkeeper’s niece, a young lady named Ty. Perhaps he will decide to stay here with her while the rest of us move on. I cannot tell yet.
I write this as I attempt to gain some sleep. Abel and Xudablu, in a nearby room, seem to have released their brokenhound from its restraints, and it is making quite the ruckus. It may be some time before I find sleep tonight….

Early morning —

I woke early, to silence outside my room. It would seem that the Knight and Jack managed to subdue their creature. I admit, I’m impressed. Xudablu has come downstairs and seems to be passed out with exhaustion at the bar. Drake is down here as well, and looking rather nervously at Ty, who has brought us each some breakfast. A few moments ago, Drake asked me for advice, though why I do not know, as he hasn’t taken any of it. It seems he invited the young lady to come with us when we left today, but then later was talked to by her uncle, who offered him a large sum of Shins to keep her here.

He did not seem to know what to do. My advice was to find a way to gently tell her that we were leaving without her. After all, she is under her uncle’s protection, and he is responsible for her. If he wishes her to stay, then stay she will. When he seemed to disapprove of this idea, I offered to inform her myself, for a small cut of the shins of course. I could always use some funds to continue my research. Abel jumped into the conversation before the details were finalized, however.

In just a few minutes, I plan on gathering our group to get a more clear idea of where we are going next. Hopefully we can get a firm plan established. I also must remember to gather larger quantities of samples from the pools before I leave. That could be vital for some research later.

~ Chiron

Appended during conversation —

“His name is Boregal and he’s . . . trapped somewhere, deep in the earth, in a machine . . . he didn’t tell me what the machine does. You have to understand— it’s not like a conversation— it’s more images, sensations— a word gets through here and there— but it’s hard to explain.”

“He’s scared but he . . . he reaches in your head and it’s overwhelming. You can hardly think for yourself. It hurts— physically hurts.”

“…He’s more like a confused and angry child or — child isn’t right. Maybe like an old one with the minders? I don’t think he’s exactly sane. But . . . no he’s not trying to hurt people I think he just needs help.” “…He was pulling me, I wasn’t . . . there, in control. I could barely speak! But with Darvin’s work, I can still hear him, but he’s not in control. I am. But someone has to stop this.”

Below is a sketch of a drawing Seria made for us, to illustrate what she was saying. I have reproduced it to the best of my limited artistic abilities.

Breakfast, Basins, Beales and Brokenhounds

I’ll have to be brief in my notes, as I am writing on the road. The day brightened, just like many others. After eating a breakfast, I took aside the chief of the village, to enquirer about any Numenera found nearby. Unfortunately, as far as he knew, no one had found anything remotely interesting in the area for decades, other than a few oddities. While I occasionally find such things to be entertaining, really, they’re of little consequence. They interact with the nanites so sparingly, if at all, there’s naught to be learned there. Attention is much better left on cyphers and artifacts. A turn for the better, though, was when he mentioned the presence of mystical ‘pools’ near the Basins.

We left with the mother of the two children who alerted us the previous day. Our goal was to reunite her with her daughter and son, over at the Basins. There was a little good-hearted humor on the journey, a contest between the Knight and the other Glaive, Lumi. Drake has shown his true intentions, though, while we traveled. He appears concerned mainly about how he can profit from his actions, or the actions of others. While he is around, I will be sure to maintain a close eye on my research notes, Artifacts, and other personal belongings. He says he knows of Cela Jin, but I have my doubts. How could a Priest such as my mentor allow a man like Drake to profit from the Numenera, something which should be, eventually, shared with all? His kind bear watching.

I learned of the Xi-drake’s name while traveling, as well. Mateus, he is called. He is certainly the youngest of his kind I have met, though Xudablu has confirmed some of the rumors I have heard before, at the sizes such creatures can take given enough time. I’ll pin a note of his experiences with the race into this journal later.

We made it to the Basin in good enough time. A man was selling Oddities by the enclave’s borders. I looked into some, but with little interest. The only one of any import was a canister which sprayed a golden substance out, that just seemed to…hang there. I wasn’t able to purchase it myself, due to a lack of funds. I attempted to casually suggest to Drake that he purchase it for me, as justice would see fit for one of such greed. The Knight wasn’t having any of it, though, which seemed odd. I have always held the Knights in the greatest respect, standing for ideals of a grand nature. Recent interactions with Xudablu in particular, however…well, they may become an eventual threat against my aspirations, while serving their duty to preserve the Ninth World. Maybe I will be able to show them their error when the new dawn is back upon us, but….I hold little hope. We shall cross that bridge when we get there.

Drake, the Knight, the mother, and I all searched for a tavern, which we quickly found and entered. When we left Abel and Lumi, still looking about the Oddities the vendor was selling, I caught sight of the Jack taking a few samples from each of the pools. I will need to obtain them from him in the future, of course. They say the waters, or…whatever the substance is, contain healing powers. If this is true, they could be a great asset in medicinal advancement.

Once inside the tavern, a round of drinks was ordered, whereupon I once again subtly hinted at Drake to pick up the tab. He was resistant, though, and instead the mother placed her coin down. We drank, and listened, and were fortunate enough to be given directions to a place where Seria and Pateel might be located, with a healer of the mind, as far as I can tell. I’m not really sure what she does. But she knows more than what she should. I suspect a great connection to the nanites, and she claims a beale.

The woman asked for certain materials in order to construct an implant, which would block the ‘beale’ call to Seria’s mind. The mother had long since rushed inside the house to be with her Seria, so the three of us remaining rejoined the other two. After a short explanation, which included the danger of the Brokenhounds who were infesting the healing garden, we trekked out to the location.

When we arrived, it didn’t take long for the creatures to find us. Or perhaps we found them; I’m not truly sure. There was a short battle. My firey command of the nanites allowed me to hold my own in the battle, despite a few wounds from scratches the hounds inflicted. At one point, I fired my buzzer, which I’m beginning to take to wearing under my sleeves at all times now, at a wounded Brokenhound. Abel, for a reason as yet unknown to me, jumped in front of him, taking the shot. I can only believe that he meant to do so, as he told me off for attempting to shoot the creature. I can’t quite remember; maybe the heat of battle erased the finer functions of my mind at the time, but I believe it was eventually put down.

The hounds ran away quickly, and we were left to our own devices. We collected the samples, while I approached the pear that we were instructed to retrieve. A warning about the fruit was given to us, and so I had decided to investigate it quickly before it was touched. The Knight ignored my warnings, however, and in a rash move just plucked the thing. I admit, I was a little more than slightly amused at the jolting he received as a consequence.

We were going to head back, but Mateus located where the Brokenhounds had gone. Everyone but the Knight himself agreed upon removing the threat to the community that the hounds presented, so that the healers of the place would once again be able to use the gardens for their intended purposes.

We found the pack by following along the direction Mateus had flew, but were imprecise because of Xudablu and his friend’s departure from us at the time. We snuck up near the group after a bit, but someone alerted them, and our ambush wasn’t as successful as we wanted. We soon ended their threat, permanently. We’re on our way back to the Basins now. I must stop writing now, I believe I have spotted the outskirts. Any additional information will be written as needed in future updates to this journal.

~ Chiron

Yeah yeah, I'm not dead.

Sorry about going awol the past couple of days, You probably thought something horrible happened to me… but you know I’ve never been good at checking in!

My current situation…. well, it’s a very long story, but at the moment… I’m helping a village fight off some pallone invasion. Their situation…. It’s not quite like ours was, and I really want to keep it that way. I’m not alone either. Some of the group I was Walking with is with me. Together we fought off a wave of the creatures. No casualties…. I’m honestly not sure I could’ve handled any….

But you should’ve seen the fight! One glaive threw a pallone corpses like a disk, and sliced through another one of the creatures! It was very impressive. My forearm blade also netted me a few kills. Considering how simple it is, it’s extremely effective weapon.

These people, their chief. He’s difficult. He won’t take my advice on moving the village to another spot. Whenever I suggest it, he changes the subject. He seems to think that there is something to the west that is causing these attacks, and having some odd effect on his granddaughter (again, long story) …. Like I said earlier…. these people are so close to going through what we went through… I’ve got to help them. I don’t think the old man will evac his people, so I’m going to hunt down whatever is causing these attacks and end it. I know it’s sidetracking me from my hunt…. but I think it’s worth it. Besides, I’m sure you’ve got more solid leads than I did anyway, right? I talked with one of the other Glaives who’s accompanying me. I think I can count on him to help me, and I’m pretty sure he can get the nano to tag along too. Drake…. I talked to him during the feast the village had after the fight, but I just don’t think he’ll be willing to leave his current agenda to help with this…. but I’ll worry about that in the morning.

I’ll check in more regularly so you know I’m not dead or anything like that.

- Abel

From the Journal of Drake Fel

Day 169 Y 902

I have put off my main quest, at least for the time being. To be honest, I wasn’t making much headway and, who knows, perhaps my new course of action will somehow bring me closer to my true objective. Regardless of whether it does or not, I have joined forces with an interesting group of people for the time being, in the hope that it will reward me with some quick cash.

Last night I met these men I am now travelling with at one of the Mouth Cairns. The first I met was Abel, a man who I had met years before. The experience was a painful one, though the injury he caused me was accidental and he seems like a decent enough of a person. However, whether or not he is trustworthy is yet to be seen, as his loyalties may be similar to mine.

In addition to Abel, I met someone else that I thought I recognized. This man is a former Aeon Priest who goes by the name of Chiron. He knew Cela Jin and I believe I must have seen him working with the elderly Priest at some time or another. Chiron appears good-natured and trustworthy, though he almost has this naive feel about him.

The other two members of our group are glaives and neither is overly outgoing, and thereby harder to read. There is Lumi, a strange man of few words. He is the most mysterious of the group in my opinion, as I cannot seem to get a good read on what his purpose on the Walk or our side-adventure might be.

Finally, Xudablu is a mountain of a man and an Angulan Knight, and he seems to be hell-bent on “saving the world” from anything and everything. I will admit that he and his mount will come in handy during a fight, though their quest to destroy everything “evil” will likely get us into battles than we need to be in.

In fact, he nearly got us into trouble last night, proposing that we take on a group of bandits that were supposedly roaming the area. I, for one, had no intentions of dying that night, nor did I want to see anyone else killed, so I tried to persuade him otherwise. The others I mentioned, however, decided to join him in this foolish task, so I decided that I had better go along just to ensure that everyone made it out alright. Luckily, in my opinion, we decided to postpone our hunt until the next day.

I did not sleep well that night and my dreams were haunted by strange sounds and images. I haven’t been feeling well the last few days and this merely added to this feeling.

I awoke to the sound of what turned out to be a scutimorph running towards us. The beast was ridden by two children, a boy and a girl, who hailed from a village called the False Woods. Apparently they had been attack by creatures that they called pallones. I had never heard of such a beast, though Chiron quickly informed me as to what they were. The sounded like nasty creatures, surely not ones that you would willingly pit yourself up against.

However, it seems like I was alone in this train of thought, as everyone else decided that we should aid this village. I debated about not joining them, but I figured that the village would reward us in some way. As such, I decided to join these men in their quest to help the children and their village.

Xudablu and Abel quickly came up with a way to reach the village; the Knight would ride his drake and Abel, tied to a rope behind the beast, would use his gravity powers that I know too well to keep himself afloat. The pair went on ahead of the rest of us, leaving myself, Chiron, and Lumi to walk the rest of the way. We left the children with some others who said that they would take them to the safety of the Cylion Basin.

As a side note, I felt like there was some sort of connection with the girl. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, but once we have saved her village, I want to find her. It’s a strange feeling, but I feel like it something I have to do.

Along the way, Chiron and I talked about the Numenera, though his appreciation for the objects of the past is certainly more personal than my own. I find the objects interesting and useful, but more often than not they are just a way for me to pay for my next meal. He treats them as…well, as an Aeon Priest might, which is hardly surprising. We also discovered that Lumi has a some odd ice forming ability that can be transferred to Chiron. Both seem mystified by this fact, but I’ve seen stranger things in my adventures so I didn’t pay it too much heed.

As I am writing this, I believe we are finally close our destination. What we will find there…I do not know. Will it be the desolate remains of a town ravaged by these strange creatures? Will we find our two companions that we sent ahead alive or dead?

All I can say is that I have had a foreboding feeling that has been steadily growing over the past few days and this feeling is stronger than ever before. The strange connection with the girl, the nightmares, all of it at the same time seems almost too coincidental. Something odd is going on here, and it certainly isn’t good. I just hope I can figure it out before it’s too late…

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